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Killing Floor Problemos / Can not choose equipement.
« : November 03, 2018, 18:22:32 PM »
Hello all players and KF fans.
I would like to ask you, that you ever found glitch/bug that didn't allow you to choose certain weapons from your inventory via mous scroll and key numbers.

I found out this one, after changing my status to observer on server.
Now I can not use any other equipement than double barrel, welder and syringe. Other weapons dont show up in my inventory even if i go to shop or pick them up from ground, but they take weightt/space in my inventory. I can't also buy armor or nades, I cant throw nades (my HUD always shows 0 nades), the only way to use gun is to pick it from ground or buy at shop, but changing to welder/syringe will prevent me from going back to use gun. I can't also buy ammo to guns, cause in shop menu I have empty inventory even though I have full backpack.

I tried to turn off/on game, whole pc, even cleared cache, same thing. I tried to play on my second (older and weaker pc), but there's same problem. So I suppose it's server side bug.
Anyone willing to help me pls? I really like this server, on KF2 servers ZEDs spawn almost 2-3 meter from you and you can not use doors in usefull way. I miss KF1 server :(

P.S. Problem is showing only on servers, no problem at vanilla servers, other mods servers or single player/

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