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Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : May 02, 2019, 06:06:49 AM »
Okay than. Thx for your patience and time to respond.
I geuss it's time to move on :)

Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : May 01, 2019, 13:56:28 PM »
try complete reinstall once more and if it won't help it may be a server side bug. Also you could try binding different key for the inventory in settings. use something different than mouse buttons. Need to ask other players if they have the same problem. Since no one else is posting about that, I doubt that it is the case, howewer we have low number of players lately.

I reinstalled game few times.
It's not a problem with mouse or key settings.
Inventory list doesn't show any weapon except those in slot 4 and 5.
Shop inventory do the same, and I can not have any nades.

This is for sure server bug, cause it's not showing only on my main PC, but even on my notebook and one of my friend's PC.
It's somehow tied to my account.

Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : April 28, 2019, 20:47:12 PM »
Hi again, yesterday I tried my luck once more time.

Problem still occured.

Any ideas?

Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : November 09, 2018, 10:15:04 AM »
Yeah, I play on steam version.

I'm just after verifying ingame files via steam, but that didn't help.
I'm now on my way on your second suggestion.


Nothing changed except loosing my saved controls/liked servers.

Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : November 08, 2018, 14:26:02 PM »
Done already twice three times.

Killing Floor Problemos / Tema: Can not choose equipement.
« : November 08, 2018, 10:36:27 AM »

Anyone please? The game is unplayable, and I reallly wish to come back into the game :(

Killing Floor Problemos / Can not choose equipement.
« : November 03, 2018, 18:22:32 PM »
Hello all players and KF fans.
I would like to ask you, that you ever found glitch/bug that didn't allow you to choose certain weapons from your inventory via mous scroll and key numbers.

I found out this one, after changing my status to observer on server.
Now I can not use any other equipement than double barrel, welder and syringe. Other weapons dont show up in my inventory even if i go to shop or pick them up from ground, but they take weightt/space in my inventory. I can't also buy armor or nades, I cant throw nades (my HUD always shows 0 nades), the only way to use gun is to pick it from ground or buy at shop, but changing to welder/syringe will prevent me from going back to use gun. I can't also buy ammo to guns, cause in shop menu I have empty inventory even though I have full backpack.

I tried to turn off/on game, whole pc, even cleared cache, same thing. I tried to play on my second (older and weaker pc), but there's same problem. So I suppose it's server side bug.
Anyone willing to help me pls? I really like this server, on KF2 servers ZEDs spawn almost 2-3 meter from you and you can not use doors in usefull way. I miss KF1 server :(

P.S. Problem is showing only on servers, no problem at vanilla servers, other mods servers or single player/

Killing Floor Special Privilegies / Tema: MOD.Lt Killing Floor VIP
« : October 23, 2017, 22:43:43 PM »
Price in Zloty changed or is it still 30.75 for 6 Euro?
Is there any option to pay for a whole year? (3months periods four times at once?)

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